Institute of Islamic Studies

About the Institute

La Citadelle - Boukhara, Uuzbekistan

Emerging from the University of Toronto’s long history of teaching and research in Islamic studies, the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) was established with the mission to strengthen and enrich the study of the Islamic world, its religion, culture, history and civilization.

The Institute has an ambitious vision to play a global leadership role in advancing knowledge and understanding of Islam and to foster informed dialogue about Islam in the context of an increasingly globalized and fast-changing world, and in connecting Canadian scholarship to the wider Islamic world.

Image from Urfa, TurkeyThe University of Toronto was the first university in Canada to teach Arabic and Islamic studies, beginning in the 1840s, and remains one of only two Canadian universities to offer Islamic Studies programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Drawing on U of T’s significant strengths in Islamic studies across numerous disciplines, ranging from anthropology to religion, economics to history, and languages to literature, the Institute boasts more than 40 faculty members from across three campuses with specialties on the Islamic world and offers over 200 courses in Islamic studies and related fields. IIS organizes lectures, forums and seminars at the University and supports any academic activities that deals with the Islamic world.